Massage Therapy

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I am very excited to add CBD Massage and Facials to my services. CBDs are hemp based, so there is no high but only health benefits. Does this make you Curious? Are you a Believer or still Doubtful? Schedule with me to learn more. You will become a Believer.

Massage provides pain relief from migraine headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve impingement, whiplash, low back problems.

Reduces muscle spasm and tension.

Stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Promotes a greater sense of well-being and relaxation.

Helps to manage high blood pressure.

Reduces stress and benefits all related conditions. 

Speeds recovery from injury and  accidents.

Pressure is medium to deep depending on specific issues going on, frequency of sessions and intuition based on trust. Knowing that you have a massage scheduled can make any stressful day or even your week, seem to be much more tolerable. The benefits of massage are more realized with regular sessions. I offer packages to make receiving regular sessions more affordable.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic or relaxation your customized treatment integrating Deep Tissue Sculpting, Myotherapy and Swedish techniques will have you feeling more relaxed and less stressed and in less pain. The pressure you will experience will be medium to deep depending on specific issues going on, frequency of sessions and intuition based on trust.

                   $85 for 60 mIn

                   $125.00 for 90 min

                   $150.00 for 120 min

        Package of 6 hours    $420.00

La Stone Massage

During and after a Hot Stone Massage you will feel extremely relaxed and your muscles will never feel as deeply touched. I have 20+ years of experience doing Hot Stone Massage, I learned from the founders of La Stone. This will be unlike any other Hot Stone Massage you ever have had.

                   $105.00 for 60 min

                   $145.00 for 90 min

Golf or Sports Massage (with Assisted Stretching)

I have many years of experience working with athletes of all ages and abilities. Combining focused work of massage and assisted stretching you will improve whatever game you play, avoid injury and recover more quickly from events.

                   $100.00 for 60 min

                   $140.00 for 90 min

                   $180 for 120 min

CBD Massage

Initially CBD salve will be applied on all your sore areas, then massage will proceed to meet your needs. You will be give a serving (25-50mg) of your choice of CBD oils, flooding your body inside and out with CBD. This is a perfect treatment for anyone experiencing chronic or acute pain

                    $105 for 60 mIn

                    $145 for 90 min

                    $170.00 for 120 min

These add-ons may be added to any massage or facial

Custom Aromatherapy

Added complementary to a massage, when you need a boost of energy, healing, or relaxation. I use Nature's Sunshine and Young Living EO's.

BioMat Amethyst Mat

You will lay on a bed of Amethyst Crystals and Infrared Heat offering the soothing and healing experience your body desires.

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing before a massage stimulates the lymphatic system, exfoliates your skin and feels good.